Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in a program?
Click on the Admissions tab for an application or call Hinds Career Center at 765-552-9881.

Do Hinds’ courses meet Core 40 and Technical Honors diploma requirements?
All courses meet or exceed the recommended Core 40 curriculum requirements under the directed electives section. Our courses can provide 6 or more credits needed to meet Core 40 and Technical Honors diploma requirements.

Can I earn college credits while attending Hinds’ programs?
Yes! IVY Tech Community College and Vincennes University are two of the post-secondary institutions that offer college credit upon graduation.

How can I get actual workplace experience?
All programs offer job shadowing and short and long term internships for qualifying students as an important component.

Do I have the space in my schedule for a career-technical program?
Yes, you do. Our morning programs end at10:30 AM allowing you ample time for other classes at your school. Our flexible scheduling also permits you to enroll in many programs when your schedule allows.

Why Hinds Career Center?