Education Professions

Have you always thought of becoming a teacher or maybe a preschool/daycare provider. Education Professions is for you. 

In this class you will be introduced to an actual classroom environment.  

Each student will participate in an internship in a classroom of the age group preferred.   Students will learn about Human Development and Classroom Management. This program provides students with classroom experiences that will help to determine the age group that best fits the students strengths.

Students may choose from: Pre-K, Special Ed, Elementary, 7-12.  Course instruction includes:  What Makes an Effective Teacher,  Planning for Instruction, Instructional Methods, Technology in the Classroom and college applications and scholarships.  

Three high school credit hours per semester.

Certifications Available: 

CDA (preschool/daycare provider)

Dual Credits Available: 

Ivy Tech - EDUC 101 - Introduction to Teaching - 3 credit hours 

Ivy Tech - EDUC 121 - Child and Adolescent Development - 3 credit hours (prereq
                                EDUC 101) 

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