Emergency Medical Services (Responder)

This is a year-long course designed for persons desiring to perform emergency medical care. The course prepares  students for state certification as an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR).  

Theories, techniques, and operational aspects of pre-hospital emergency care including EMS systems, medical, ethical and legal issues, airway management, CPR, patient assessment, poisoning and substance abuse, behavioral and environmental emergencies, bleeding, shock and injuries to soft tissue, bones and  muscles, pediatric and geriatric emergencies, transport operations, and incident management are topics covered in this course. Students will learn to recognize  the seriousness of the patient’s condition, use the appropriate emergency care techniques and equipment to stabilize the patient, and safely transport them to  the hospital. The handling of victims of hazardous materials accidents is also addressed in this course. 

Three high school credits per semester.

 - Requirement:  current physical on file with instructor

 - This course is only offered in the afternoon

 - Open to seniors only and/or students who have completed Health Services I 

 - Students must also have a 2.5 GPA or above.  

 - Class will be limited to 12 students

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